Charter Rode Commits $75,000 for Salty Dawg Sailing Association Members

SDSA members receive $75 to create their sailing resume on the Sailing Resume Blockchain

Charter Rode Commits $75,000

AUSTIN, TX – May 10, 2023 – Charter Rode commits $75,000 for Salty Dawg Sailing Association members to establish their sailing resume on the Sailing Resume Blockchain.

More than 1,000 current SDSA members are eligible to receive the $75 benefit from Charter Rode. The benefit pays for the mandatory identity validation requirements of the Sailing Resume Blockchain and the first 25 days logged on a SDSA member’s sailing resume.

“We are excited to offer SDSA members this benefit. As insurance carriers tighten their underwriting, yacht owners are challenged to demonstrate that they are a lower overall risk,” said Jason Burns, Founder and President of Charter Rode.

Long-term boat ownership may not qualify individuals for the best rates. “Documenting experience and building a sailing resume on the Sailing Resume Blockchain allows underwriters a quick and reliable way to review and verify a sailing resume,” said Burns. “It demonstrates to an underwriter the sailor’s commitment to safety and accurate record keeping.”

The Sailing Resume Blockchain allows recreational and professional mariners to mathematically prove that their logbook and sailing resumes are authentic and unaltered. Insurance companies and other organizations use the Sailing Resume Blockchain to grant credentials, verify sea time, evaluate competencies, and provide value-added services to mariners worldwide.

SDSA members may log into the member only portal and follow the instructions to receive their $75 member only benefit. New members may join SDSA to access all of the benefits of the SDSA including the Charter Rode $75 offer.

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About Salty Dawg Sailing Association

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) is a volunteer based nonprofit educational and charitable organization that conducts online webinars, live seminars, rallies and rendezvous to help sailors realize their long-distance cruising dreams. The Association strives to transfer knowledge and skills from veteran “Salty Dawgs” to less experienced cruisers, enabling independent decision-making and offshore confidence. The SDSA is a flexible close-knit collection of like-minded people with a passion for ocean sailing and the camaraderie of cruising life. The activities are made possible through the combined efforts of members, volunteers, sponsors and contributors.

Membership in the Association is available for anyone.  SDSA offers the skills and community to expand horizons as far as your dreams will take you.  For many that participate in the Caribbean Rally to Antigua, it is just the beginning of years of cruising that may take them to the Panama Canal and around the world. Join us today to see where your dreams will lead.

About Charter Rode

Charter Rode is building the Sailing Resume Blockchain – a secure, transparent, efficient, and tamper-proof maritime resume system enabled by blockchain. The company started in 2021 with the idea that it should be easy to create a sailing resume that may be shared, verified, and trusted by anyone in the world.

The Sailing Resume Blockchain offers sailors a trusted and secure database that anyone can confidently use to determine their seaworthiness. Organizations use it to grant credentials, verify sea time, evaluate competencies, and provide value-added services to mariners worldwide.