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Is your unorganized sailing resume preventing you from achieving your sailing dreams? Elevate your sailing resume with the confidence of blockchain. Join sailors around the world who enjoy the freedom to weigh anchor and explore the world!
Sailor Resume

What’s All This Sailing Resume Stuff?

Keeping an up-to-date sailing resume is increasingly becoming a standard that all mariners will need to embrace. Insurance companies will…

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The Perils of Using Digital Logbooks

The Perils of Using Digital Logbooks

Digital logbooks have become increasingly popular over the years. It's important to have awareness of the potential security issues that…

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Digital Logbook As Useful As A Sunken Dinghy

Digital Logbook As Useful As A Sunken Dinghy?

A digital logbook is often locked into a proprietary format that can be difficult to share with others or use…

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