Digital Logbook As Useful As A Sunken Dinghy?

Digital Logbook As Useful As A Sunken Dinghy

When sailing and boating, using a digital logbook to record your experience is important in order to track your progress and provide proof of competency to an insurance company, bank, charter company, or other agencies such as the US Coast Guard.

While digital logbooks offer an easy way to log relevant experience, they are not the most durable solution to store your sailing experience. A digital logbook is often locked into a proprietary format that can be difficult to share with others. This proprietary format makes it nearly impossible to use with other apps and services. Don’t let your data become as useful as the dinghy on the bottom of the ocean!

Sharing Your Sailing Resume

The digital logbook you use today is likely missing a way to summarize your experience into a sailing resume that is useful to others. There is no way to share your sailing resume with others via a simple web link or PDF document. Think about the amount of time it will take to go through your digital logbook and create a sailing resume. Once you do this how will you share it? How often will you keep it updated?

When you really need your sailing resume you may not have the time to do all of this work. Make sure that any digital logbook you use has this feature built-in. Ensure that the sailing resume that it creates is in a standardized format that insurance companies, banks, charter companies, and other agencies will accept.

Digital Logbook Data Portability

Apart from the challenge of creating a usable sailing resume, most digital logbooks are also not portable. Your data is locked into a proprietary format that is not accessible by others. You will have to export and import your data into other apps that you wish to use with your sailing experience. What a pain!

These apps may provide a better format for your sailing resume. Maybe an app simply provides insights into your experience that the digital logbook has never considered implementing. These additional apps will have their own proprietary formats for your data. Now you are managing multiple versions of your logbook just because each app decides to structure data differently.

Sailing Resume Blockchain

Alternatively, the Sailing Resume Blockchain is the first blockchain based sailing logbook which introduces the concept of a durable and secure sailing resume. Once experience is logged on the Sailing Resume Blockchain, it is impossible for anyone to make changes or delete entries. Logbook data is publicly available via the blockchain for anyone to use. Don’t worry your privacy is still paramount and your identity is not revealed. This creates a publicly available web3 data source for all your sailing experience. Using this publicly available data source, sharing your sailing resume is a breeze.

All data on the Sailing Resume Blockchain is in a publicly available standardized format. This allows anyone to use the data to create new services and solutions for the maritime industry. All without you having to re-enter or manage multiple versions of your data! Just hook up the new app with your Charter Rode Wallet and you are done!

For example, let’s say you don’t like the format of the Charter Rode default Sailing Resume viewer. Create your own resume app on top of the Sailing Resume Blockchain and share it with others. You may even create your own for-profit apps on top of the Sailing Resume Blockchain to provide interesting and valuable new services to the maritime industry.

If you are already using a digital logbook to keep a record of your sailing/boating experience, you should consider moving to the Sailing Resume Blockchain to ensure that your data is portable, secure, and trusted by everyone you need to trust your logbook. Who knows, you may also be inspired to create a new app or service for your fellow mariners!

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