Preserve Sailing Experience For Future Generations

preserve sailing experience generations

Sailing has been a part of many family histories for generations. It’s important to preserve sailing experience so that future generations may enjoy and benefit from your wisdom. A sailing logbook is an excellent way to document your adventures. It will allow future generations to explore what you have accomplished. By creating a sailing resume, you can ensure that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have the opportunity be inspired and perhaps even retrace your journeys while creating their own.

Deciding to consistently use a logbook is a great first step to ensuring that your sailing experience is not lost to history. Depending upon the type of logbook or system that you use, there may be additional considerations to ensure that it is preserved for future generations.

Preserve Sailing Experience With Paper Logbooks

Paper logbooks are the most susceptible to being lost. Remember all those boxes in the attic that you never go through? What if there is a fire or flood? Keeping well-organized paper logbooks can be a wonderful discovery for future generations. Imagining great grandchildren discovering the box of notebooks with your handwritten log information is straight out of a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately life is not like the movies. These paper logbooks are likely to be lost along the way before future generations are able to enjoy them. You could put them into a safety deposit box for safe keeping. But will your great grandchildren do the same to preserve them for the future?

Preserve Sailing Experience With Digital Logbooks and Apps

Digital logbooks come in a variety of options. Everything from Excel spreadsheets, custom built databases, and purpose-built apps provided by individuals as either paid or free solutions.

Excel/Custom Databases

If you chose to use Excel or a custom database, ensure that you are backing up your files frequently. Offsite storage and/or the cloud are the best options today. This will help protect them in the case of fire, flood, or a lost computer/device. You will also need to keep up with various storage technologies as they change. Remember that just 20 years ago the primary long-term storage solution was to burn data to a CD. Then copies of the CD where put in a safe deposit box! Even cloud-based solutions will change and evolve over time.

Digital Logbook Apps

For apps that are provided to you for free or paid, you should ensure that the app is providing a reasonable backup solution. The problem is that any backup solution is likely only available to you as long as you are using and/or paying for the app. If you decide to stop using/pay for the app, then your data may be erased. Be sure that you document your app information and add this information with your other important documents for your heirs to curate on your behalf.

Apps may come and go too. If the company or individual that backs an app decides to no longer support it, how easily will you be able to export and transfer your data into a new solution? What happens if the business is hacked and your data is held for ransom? All of these questions are important to ensure that your data is accessible and usable not only today but in the future. After all, it does take a lot of your time to log your sailing experience. You don’t want to have to do it more than once!

Sailing Resume Blockchain

The Sailing Resume Blockchain solves these problems by introducing the first blockchain based sailing logbook. Experience logged is impossible for anyone, including the creator, to change or delete. It impossible to hold your logbook hostage by ransomware attacks or hackers. Logbook data is publicly available via the blockchain for anyone to use or verify. Don’t worry your privacy is still paramount and your identity is not revealed.

The Sailing Resume Blockchain is a publicly available, read-only web3 data source for all your sailing experience. This makes the Sailing Resume Blockchain extremely durable and will be available to future generations by design.

Instead of having to get you to add all your sailing experience to a new app, you can just provide your Charter Rode Wallet and instantly have access to all of the features and functions that the app provides. If the app goes out of business, your data is still secure on the Sailing Resume Blockchain.

Heirs, great grandchildren, and others do not need your username and password to view your logbook data. All they need to know is your unique Sailor Id which is provided as part of your Charter Rode Wallet. This information could also be published to a permanent storage solution so that anyone, even a thousand years from now, would be able to view, be inspired, and retrace your journeys from your logbook.

For more information about Charter Rode, the Sailing Resume Blockchain, and how to create an account, visit

Don’t let your sailing experience be lost or unusable. Secure all your sailing experience on the Sailing Resume Blockchain, building a sailing resume that may be shared, verified, and trusted by anyone in the world. Enjoy the freedom to weigh anchor and explore the world!

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