Is an unorganized resume holding you back? Worried that an insurance company, charter company, or other authority will not accept or trust your experience? Is your logbook unusable or even irrelevant?

For the average sailor, less than $25.00 USD per year will secure all your sailing experience and build your Trusted Sailing Resume on the Sailing Resume Blockchain. Pay only for the experience you log. No subscriptions, no hassle.

Example 1: You go out and sail for the afternoon and log 5 hours and 15 nm. You take along a buddy as crew who happens to already have a verified Charter Rode account. You get back to the dock, add a new logbook entry for your afternoon trip. You ask your buddy to verify the entry using the crewmate verification process. The total fee for your logbook entry would be 1 CRT.
Example 2: You and your family charter a beautiful 45′ catamaran in the Virgin Islands for 10 days. You have an amazing trip and enjoy those painkillers at anchor. One of the nights is a full moon and you go out for a night-time sail for four hours. All other sailing is done during daylight hours. When you get home, you log your trip as 10 days and one night. You select the Charter Rode verification option to verify your trip with the charter company. Your total fee for this entry would be 18 CRT. 11 CRT for the trip (10 days + 1 night) and 7 CRT for charter company verification.
Example 3: You decide to take a class from a certified American Sailing Association (ASA) instructor to get your ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising certification. You complete the class and your instructor signs your ASA logbook. In a few weeks you get your official ASA sticker for your ASA logbook. You log your new certification on Charter Rode. Charter Rode verifies your new certification with ASA directly and then your new certification is confirmed on Charter Rode. The total fee for your logbook entry would be 0 CRT as all qualifying certifications and licenses are always complimentary.
Build Your Trusted Sailing Resume
Is your unorganized sailing resume preventing you from achieving your dreams? Log experience on the Sailing Resume Blockchain automatically building a valuable asset that unlocks opportunity.