World’s First Maritime Blockchain Tracking Credentials, Sea Time, and Experience Launches Globally

Charter Rode establishes the only web3-enabled public and open maritime resume database


AUSTIN, TX – March 1, 2023 – Charter Rode delivers the first ever, globally available Sailing Resume Blockchain – a secure, transparent, efficient, and tamper-proof maritime resume system enabled by blockchain technology.

Recreational and professional mariners log and track credentials, sea time, and experience, creating a sailing resume. Banks, insurance companies, charter companies, credentialing agencies, captains, and commercial vessel operators require this documentation to determine the seaworthiness of individuals. 

Traditionally, recording and sharing maritime experience has been inefficient and unreliable. Until now, it has been impractical, if not impossible, for third parties to verify every logbook entry within a sailing resume.

Using blockchain, Charter Rode solves this problem with the first and only maritime resume system that provides proof of authenticity for every individual logbook entry.

Coupled with logbook entry verification standards, recreational and professional mariners can mathematically prove that their logbook and sailing resumes are authentic and unaltered. 

All data on this Sailing Resume Blockchain is public, allowing any individual, company, or organization to view any logbook entry anonymously. This first ever public and open database allows individuals, developers, companies, or organizations to build their own solutions using data from the Sailing Resume Blockchain. 

“Today’s launch is noteworthy because unlike many web3 and blockchain companies, we are not announcing a roadmap or aspirational goals. We are launching a complete ecosystem of tools and apps for the maritime industry to solve problems that have plagued mariners for decades,” said Jason Burns, Founder and President of Charter Rode.

The global launch of the ecosystem includes: public web3 immutable maritime resume database; Charter Rode Wallet managing users’ identities and privacy; app to log sea time, operational experience, and earned maritime credentials; and reference sailing resume viewer and block explorer apps.

“We envision individuals, developers, and companies building thousands of apps and services leveraging the Sailing Resume Blockchain as the primary data source and the Charter Rode Wallet to protect privacy and identity of users on the network,” said Burns. “Developers can deliver instant value by simply authenticating a user’s wallet. There is no need for a user to input data as it is freely available on the blockchain – that’s a game changer for the industry.” 

The Sailing Resume Blockchain accepts all boating experiences. Powerboats, sailboats, 100m-plus mega yachts, and commercial super tanker experience can all be logged on the system. Charter Rode may also be used by professional mariners working through their licenses and ratings.

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About Charter Rode
Charter Rode is building the Sailing Resume Blockchain – a secure, transparent, efficient, and tamper-proof maritime resume system enabled by blockchain. The company started in 2021 with the idea that it should be easy to create a sailing resume that may be shared, verified, and trusted by anyone in the world.

The Sailing Resume Blockchain offers sailors a trusted and secure database that anyone can confidently use to determine their seaworthiness. Organizations use it to grant credentials, verify sea time, evaluate competencies, and provide value-added services to mariners worldwide.