SailingDAO First Integrated App on the Sailing Resume Blockchain 

Charter Rode commits $75,000 for SailingDAO to grow community of sailors

Sailing Resume Blockchain & SailingDAO

AUSTIN, TX – June 22, 2023 – Charter Rode and SailingDAO announce partnership for SailingDAO members to establish their sailing resume on the Sailing Resume Blockchain.

SailingDAO will utilize sailing resumes on the Sailing Resume Blockchain to ensure members have the necessary experience to safely charter vessels in their future fleet. In addition, SailingDAO is committed to providing pathways for the SailingDAO community who wish to learn and progress their experience from passenger to crew, and from crew to captain-level experience.

“Integrating the Sailing Resume Blockchain into the SailingDAO community is a huge benefit for our members,” said Alessandro Cirocchi, Co-Founder of SailingDAO. “Not only will we be able to bring additional sailing benefits to our community, but our community will benefit from easily enabling any charter company, yacht club, or organization to independently verify a member’s sailing resume,” said Cirocchi.

SailingDAO is the first integrated app on the Sailing Resume Blockchain. With API access to the Sailing Resume Blockchain, SailingDAO may directly manage and distribute credits via personalized invitations for new users. In addition, SailingDAO may create awards to credit existing user’s wallets for community involvement and achievements.

“We are excited to work with the SailingDAO Team to provide the flexibility and tools necessary to leverage the Sailing Resume Blockchain to grow and benefit the SailingDAO community,” said Jason Burns, Founder and President of Charter Rode. “We share the common goals of safety and expanding access to sailing and boating. I am excited to see SailingDAO continue to innovate and bring more individuals into sailing on a worldwide scale,” added Burns.

The Sailing Resume Blockchain allows recreational and professional mariners to mathematically prove that their logbook and sailing resumes are authentic and unaltered. Organizations use the Sailing Resume Blockchain to grant credentials, verify sea time, evaluate competencies, and provide value-added services to mariners worldwide.

SailingDAO members may complete the necessary requirements to be awarded the Sailing Addicted role. Once complete, they may request their personalized Sailing Resume Blockchain invitation directly from SailingDAO.

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About SailingDAO

SailingDAO is creating the world’s largest yacht club, utilizing web3.0 technologies. Our mission is to build a passionate and engaged community of sailing and yachting enthusiasts who can actively participate in the development of the club.

Our innovative approach aims to break down the barriers that exist within the traditional yacht club industry and bridge the gap between the sailing and yachting industry and the digital world. We seek to revolutionize the yacht club industry by providing unique opportunities and benefits to our members and the broader community on a global scale.

About Charter Rode

Charter Rode is building the Sailing Resume Blockchain – a secure, transparent, efficient, and tamper-proof maritime resume system enabled by blockchain. The company started in 2021 with the idea that it should be easy to create a sailing resume that may be shared, verified, and trusted by anyone in the world.

The Sailing Resume Blockchain offers sailors a trusted and secure database that anyone can confidently use to determine their seaworthiness. Organizations use it to grant credentials, verify sea time, evaluate competencies, and provide value-added services to mariners worldwide.