Adding Operational Experience

Operational experience includes docking at a marina, day anchoring/mooring ball, overnight anchoring/mooring ball, mediterranean mooring, 24 hour charter periods, and overnight sailing all as separate events that may be logged on your Trusted Sailing Resume.

Adding new operation experience to your Charter Rode Trusted Sailing Resume is simple:

Charter Rode Trusted Resume Operational Experience Section
Charter Rode Trusted Resume Operational Experience Section
  • Navigate to the Resume Screen.
  • Select the Operational Experience tab.
  • Tap the Add Ops Experience button on the top-right side of the Operational Experience Section.
  • Add Operational Experience
    Add Operational Experience
  • Enter in all of the details about your experience, date, role, and vessel are required along with at least one of the skills.
  • Unlike logging a trip, you are not logging days, but instead you are logging events or the number of times you completed a skill. Most of the time, this will be the same as a day on the water.
  • If you are logging past experience to get your resume up to date, select the first day of the month you are adding experience for, and add all the experiences for the entire month. For example, if you are logging experience for the month of May in the year 2016, choose May 1, 2016, and then select the number of times you completed each skill for the month of May in 2016, leaving blank any skills that you did not complete in this time period.
  • All operational experience is logged using the Self Verification type. As such, all operational experience entries will be immediately verified using your public and private keys and should appear very quickly on your resume as there is no CRT transaction fees for adding this type of experience.

Charter companies will take this experience into consideration when looking at your Sailing Resume to determine if you qualify to charter with them. As always, it is important to be honest and accurate with your actual experience.

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