Logbook Verification Types

There are three ways to verify your logbook entries. Charter Company / Charter Rode is the most trusted verification available.

Charter Company / Charter Rode

Charter company verification through Charter Rode is the highest and most trusted verification. If you chartered a boat, select this verification option. Charter Rode will contact the charter company and verify your charter and details. Upon confirmation, Charter Rode will use our public and private keys to sign the transaction for your trip. Your Trusted Sailing Resume will have the highest possible verification for the trip.


If you did not charter a boat, use Crewmate verification if you had someone else on the boat with you. Crewmate digital verification is considered to be very reliable by charter companies, insurance companies, and other agencies so use it whenever you are not able to use Charter Company/Charter Rode Verification. Your Trusted Sailing Resume will show a crewmate verification for the entry. When selecting Crewmate Verification, an email is sent to the crewmate selected for the verification asking them to log into their Charter Rode account to verify the trip using their public and private keys. The crewmate has the ability when approving the trip to add the trip to their own logbook which will immediately verify the trip in their logbook using your public and private keys as the crewmate verification.


If you were out by yourself on your or a friend’s boat, use Self verification. When you select Self Verification for a trip, your trip is immediately verified and signed using your public and private keys.

Remember, charter companies, insurance companies, and other agencies may look for higher trust verifications such as Charter Company/Chart Rode and Crewmate. All credentials (licenses and certifications) are verified by Charter Rode, providing the most trusted verification available for these entries. All Operational Experience entries are Self Verified.

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